Vishal’s Story

Vishal belongs to Muradabad. It has been 35 years since he settled in Shiv Vihar, Delhi. Vishal has 3 elder brothers, who are married and live away, and 3 elder sisters; two of whom are married.

Currently, Vishal stays with his father, mother, and elder sister. Vishal’s father used to work as a manual worker but now he is 63 years old and his failing health does not permit him to work regularly. Therefore the family’s income has become severely restricted. His elder sister runs a boutique where she earns Rs. 10,000- 12000 monthly.

Vishal is a 10th class drop out due to financial constraints and lack of support to further his education. He later started working in A.C. repairing. Vishal used to see his friends going to school and missed the fun he used to have in the school, he faced mental health issues and remained isolated from everyone. Gradually his isolation led him to stop going to work and he gave up his job.

One day, during the survey, BUDS field staff visited Vishal’s home and got to know of his situation. His family confided in the  BUDS field staff who advised them to get Vishal enrolled in the computer course run at their center in collaboration with the Rishi’s Children Fund.

This proved to be a turning point in Vishal’s life and a renewal of all his hopes and aspirations that had been abandoned since he dropped out of school and lost his job. He enrolled himself in the CCAD computer course which he completed and received his certificate in March 2022.

Immediately after completing the course, Vishal got a job in Sadar Bazar as a billing manager/accountant and now he earns 14,000 per month. He is happier and confident now, but aspires to grow more in his career.

BUDS strives to continue providing support to the marginalized community youth and adolescents and helping them earn a livelihood of their own! BUDS made Vishal’s dreams come true.

Vishal Case Stories



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