From school to college, from college to higher studies…maybe even a degree from a University abroad…many young women are helped by parents, family and/or friends to achieve their dreams. Spare a thought for Pinki…

When you next take a rickshaw ride — think of Pinki. Her father is a rickshaw puller and has seven children and a total of nine mouths to feed. Her mother works as a housemaid and the family lives on an income of Rs. 6,000 ($78) from whatever Pinki’s mother earns.  Her father is a heavy drinker and seldom contributes to family expenses. Pinki is 22 years old and the eldest daughter of the family. They live in a small jhuggi (tenement) at Shastri Park, Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna River in East Delhi. The shanties there are cramped, unhygienic and lack basic amenities. Even today, the family does not have a toilet in their small room and are dependent on public washrooms. Many who live there are unemployed, take drugs and indulge in all sorts of petty criminal activities. All this adds up and makes the poor community also an unsafe one for not only women, but for the other residents as well.

Pinki connected with BUDS in 2019 as part of our education program. BUDS supported her higher studies and  helped her earn in a short span, the counsellors enrolled Pinky in a vocational skill training course. She successfully completed the General Duty Assistant (GDA) course sponsored by BUDS and went on to earn a living. She now works at a big city hospital where she earns Rs .12,000 ($155) per month.

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BUDS gave Pinki a livelihood and her family the means to improve their lives. 

Would you like to help young women realize their dreams? 

 A small donation from you can help girls like Pinki to earn a living. You can reach out…touch young people’s lives and give their families a dignified life.



At BUDS, we focus on charity efficiency. We make sure to optimize our internal processes so that we can maximise outcome from every dollar received. For less than 10 USD($) donated, you can feed and provide a health education to a child for one month...


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