Integrated Healthcare Response to the Second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic

BUDS has responded to urgent requests foroxygen, medicines and requests for food, medicines and essential supplies.As a health service provider, BUDS has decided to respond to the pandemic through services offered by the BUDS mobile health van (MHV) and from its frontline health workers, counselors and social workers. BUDS Mobile Health Van serves as a depot and a dispensary with essential medicines, pulse oxymeters, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, thermometers, sanitizers, soaps and masks. Dr. Seth has provided tele-consultation to the communities served by the Mori Gate Drop-in-Center (North Delhi) Shiv Vihar Drop-in-Center (North East Delhi) Sarai Kale Khan Drop-in-Center (South Delhi) & Mewat, Hariyana, Large number of patients were given free medicines and consultation as well as counselling on prevention and keeping oneself and one’s family safe.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated a crisis in community healthcare services. The partial lockdown which resulted in the closure of shops and small businesses, a reduction in commuter traffic and complete closure of hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues has led to lay-offsamong the unorganized sectors.A large proportion of the population that BUDS frontline health workers regularly interact with in course of their work has been adversely affected by the measures to contain and control the pandemic. BUDS has received urgent requests for hospital beds, oxygen, medicines and further, has been inundated with requests for food and other essential supplies, from areas around Sarai Kale Khan and Mori Gate (adjacent to New Delhi Rail waystation and one of the most crowded areas in Delhi) where Drop In Centres (DICs) are located. The BUDS team has determined the following issues require urgent attention:

− Generalized community outreach to all marginalized families and children
− Community-based passive syndromic surveillance to triage for symptoms of COVID-19
− Primary health care service delivery to underserved areas through Mobile Health Van interventions
− Referrals to hospitals for COVID-19 cases
− Provision of pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, thermometers, sanitizers, soaps, and masks
− Health education, COVID Safety Kits & Vaccinations
− Counseling to alleviate fears and apathy and to promote care-seeking.

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The health of elderly is a growing concern in India. To address this urgent need, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, BUDS has sponsored the capacity-building of two young women as Geriatric Aides. They were given training by Apollo Medskills and are now working in a facility in South Delhi. These designated nursing assistants look forward to a better future, thanks to BUDS carving a career pathway for them.

True to our vision and mission, BUDS has already reached out to 25,000 children in slums and supported them in these adverse times. During the pandemic, BUDS is providing dry ration kits composed of wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea leaves, salt, cooking oil and pulses, as well as sanitary napkins, sanitizers and masks. We visit families, while ensuring safety measures are in place, helping them catering their foods and avoiding crowds when food is distributed. Each kit costs around 2,500 INR and helps a family of five for about eight weeks. The goods have been procured from a wholesaler at no profit. Together we can bring them the help they need, a simple donation can entirely change one’s future. 68000 RUSF (Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods) packets were distributed in the villages of Mewat, Haryana. RUSF are highly fortified, nutrient dense pastes specifically designed forprevention and treatment of moderate acute malnutrition among children over 6 months.

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At BUDS, we focus on charity efficiency. We make sure to optimize our internal processes so that we can maximize outcome from every dollar received. For less than $10 USD donated, you can feed and provide health education to a child for one month


At BUDS, we are not only a hands on, operational charity. We are also researchers and analysers, studying how charity in India and the world, can be improved.

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