NIRANTAR is a non-profit organisation working on gender and education over the last two decades.

They are an active part of the women’s movement in India and draw their values from feminist principles. They are firmly rooted in community-based work, which informs their research and advocacy too.

BUDS with the help of Nirantar is inaugurated two new centers in the urban unorganized colonies with never enrolled and dropout girls this year near Mori Gate and Sarai Kale Khan.

We expanded our centre in one new area within Sarai Kale Khan, South East Delhi, to provide learning opportunities to girls who did not have access to education or those who could not complete basic education due to several reasons.

While working with girls, we realized that learning centre meant different things to different girls, where it became much more than merely a learning space for them. It brought together girls from different religion and regions together in a way that early married girls also got a second chance with education.

The technical support provided by Nirantar includes:

  • capacity building of teachers
  • providing curriculum and teaching learning tools
  • close and regular onsite support to the teachers to strengthen their pedagogical and academic skills.