Manvi’s Story

 Manvi’s  family has been living in Sarai Phoos Basti of Mori Gate area for the last 50 years. It is a very congested area, it is surrounded by Kashmeri Gate, Sadar Bazar, Chandni Chowk Mithai Pul, Novelty pull and Old Delhi Railway Station. All these areas are always surrounded by traffic. Most of the people in these areas are from the migrants who are from Bihar, Bengal, South India and Balmiki community and live in rented houses. In fact, this settlement belongs to the Balmiki community, inhabited by most people belonging to the Balmiki caste.

Family status

Apart from her parents, Manvi’s family consists of two sisters and two brothers. Her father is a sweeper in MCD. The three sisters had to drop out of their studies many years ago. Manvi’s wish was that after studying well, she should do a job in which her salary is upto a level that she can fulfill all the wishes of her family and her siblings. Since father is the sole family wage-earner, the financial condition of the house is not very good.

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We met Manvi during field work and we asked her mother, “Do all your children go to school in your house? She said that the youngest son goes to school and all three of her daughters have left school. We asked her the reason. They said that the eldest daughter Priya had left school seven years ago but the other two daughters were forced to leave school during lockdown. “I had to leave my studies due to school closure and online studies at home”, Manvi said. Because there was a mobile phone but there was no money for data recharge. BUDS staff asked her if she wanted to continue studying. Then Manvi spoke out and started saying that I want to study. Then we informed her mother about the PACE project and also inspired other sisters to study. Then Manvi’s Sister Vinita also got ready but it took some time to convince the eldest sister.

Change After Joining BUDS PACE Project –

One of the highlights of Manvi has been that she is rarely absent in PACE class. Her behavior with everyone is very cordial.

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Initially she was a little hesitant in coming to the center. Now, she participates in all the activities at the PACE centre.

Manvi’s family has received financial help from the BUDS organization. Ration has been given from time to time. Along with this, admission of both her sisters has also been done by BUDS in NIOS in 10th class.

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Manvi’s dream is to secure a good job after studying and writing. Along with this, Manvi is very fond of wrestling. She wants to do wrestling, open an arena for girls, and become a wrestling coach.





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