Manvi’s bleak future gets brighter*

BUDS works with young people like Manvi who have aspirations but live a life of poverty and drudgery in cramped quarters in congested areas like Mori Gate. Delhi has an approximate population of 742,257 adolescent girls ( and many of them are deprived of their rights to education and a decent life.

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Manvi somehow manages to live with her parents and four siblings in a single rented room without a regular supply of water. Her father works as a sweeper and is the sole wage-earner in the family. Her sisters had to drop out of school many years ago. Manvi was different, even though she was raised in poverty, she had aspirations and dreams – to study and to earn a living so that she could support her family and give her siblings a better life. But how was that going to be possible in a place that offered no hope at all for a better future?

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BUDS teachers and counselors constantly scout slum areas around the Drop In Centre at Mori Gate on the lookout for school drop-outs. Their job is not an easy one, because children work to help families earn a living. When the team met Manvi’s mother they heard that the siblings had dropped out of school during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I had to leave my studies due to school closure and online studies at home”, Manvi said. Although she had a mobile phone she had no money for data recharge. We asked her if she wanted to continue studying. Encouraged by BUDS didi’s Manvi admitted that she wanted to continue studying.

Encouraged by her response, the team convinced her mother to let her sister join the PACE project After many more conversations, Palak.  (discouraged after failing in school) finally agreed to join PACE.  Once again, BUDS team had won in a difficult situation and helped three children who were neglected, in distress and frustrated to join the mainstream.

Now that Manvi has enrolled in school through the National Institute of Open Schooling, she is that much closer to realizing her dream of becoming a career woman…and one day getting into the wrestling arena. The PACE teachers are with her all the way….

This is the change BUDS brings about in the lives of deprived young women and their families.

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Would you like to be a part of that change? Would you like to help adolescents like Manvi and Palak get education, healthcare and skills training?

 A small donation from you can help hundreds of girls like Manvi to achieve a better future. You can reach out…touch young people’s lives and give their families a dignified life.



  • Through Drop-In Centres at Mori Gate, Sarai Kale Khan & Shiv Vihar.
  • A network of teachers, counselors and community mobilizers
  • Experienced pediatricians, gynaecologist and skin specialists
  • Nutrition support and counselling

Why donate?

Your contribution helps us serve India’s most marginalized children and ensure they go to school and enjoy their right to education and a better life. That they are able to receive proper nutrition and health care and are protected from abuse and exploitation.

Without your support more and more children will drop out of school, will be neglected amd marginalized. So we all need to come together for this special cause…your help to these children is a click away….Reach out to us….Donate!

How will my donation help?

Ensure 5 out- of- school children are enrolled  in school, get access to primary healthcare, counselling and livelihood/skills training.

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At BUDS, we focus on charity efficiency. We make sure to optimize our internal processes so that we can maximize outcome from every dollar received. For less than $10 USD donated, you can feed and provide health education to a child for one month


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