Global Karma Health & Education Trust (GKHET) was founded to help to strengthen the foundation that is youth and children by helping them in the impoverished areas to better their lives with strong education and soft skills.

GKHET and BUDS will implement a one year project
entitled „Empowering marginalized children and young people (CYP) in India’

Aim & Objectives
The aim of the project is to provide Education, Vocational Skill Development and Employment
opportunities for marginalized young people in Delhi. The project will have four main components as
described below.
i) Strengthen Ongoing Young People Program
As noted in the introduction, BUDS has been operating a Children and Young People (CYP) Program
in Delhi and Mewat District for last twenty years. BUDS would like to strengthen its program in
several ways – including expanded community outreach, strengthen remedial education, life skills
education and enhanced vocational training opportunities.
ii) Vocational Training
BUDS has identified some of government agencies who can provide the skill training to eligible youth
and further placement. In this regards, Multi Disciplinary Training Center (MDTC), Ministry of
Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), Govt. of India has been selected. Khadi and
Village Industries Commission (KVIC) through its 39 Multi Disciplinary Training Centre is imparting
skill based training to its entrepreneurs of the micro village industries units in the country. BUDS will
enroll 20 beneficiaries in Phase-I. BUDS tentatively plans to study the job market further and
interview employers. BUDS will encourage participating the beneficiaries into workshop conducted
by the company time to time.

iii) Remedial Education
Students who have temporarily fallen behind in their studies due to socio-economic conditions in their
learning have the right to get remedial teaching. Remedial programs are used to:
 Address gaps in basic skills – target reading and math weaknesses.
 Offer small group instruction to provide for more individual attention than full class
 Remedial teachers specifically design meaningful learning situations, games or activities so as
to provide personal learning experiences for students and stimulate their interest and initiative
in learning.
 If enrolled in National institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), remedial education prepares them
to clear examinations.
 Educational exposure and site visits.
Throughout the teaching process, teachers will provide systematic training to develop students’
generic skills, including interpersonal relationship, communication, self-management, self-learning,
creativity and the use of information technology. Such training can lay the foundation for students’
life-long learning, help them develop positive attitudes and values, as well as prepare them for future
studies and career.

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