Despite the state government’s driven efforts to help the marginalized, many people are struggling to cope with the lockdown. With increasing chaos and anxiety in slums, new issues arise every day. Migrants are being threatened by their landlords to pay rent or evacuate, cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse have been on the rise, increased discrimination on the basis of religion, caste and class has been noticed, further causing a divide in the society. Some might not be eligible to receive help from the government, due to lack of information on how to obtain a ration card and where and when food distributions take place. True to our vision and mission, BUDS has already reached out to 25,000 children in slums and supported them in these adverse times. During the pandemic, BUDS is providing dry ration kits composed of wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea leaves, salt, cooking oil and pulses, as well as sanitary napkins, sanitizers and masks. We visit families, while ensuring safety measures are in place, helping them catering their foods and avoiding crowds when food is distributed.

Each kit costs around 2,500 INR and helps a family of five for about eight weeks. The goods have been procured from a wholesaler at no profit. Together we can bring them the help they need, a simple donation can entirely change one’s future.