Covid-19 vaccine equity as a global good

June 25, 2021   Financial, epidemiological, and moral arguments should push policy makers to move [...]


NSFDC was setup by the Government of India on February 08, 1989 with the name National Scheduled Castes [...]


Global Karma Health & Education Trust (GKHET) was founded to help to strengthen the foundation [...]

COVID-19 Leadership Response in Vulnerable Settings

After years of working as a medical doctor and social pediatrician, Dr. Rajeev Seth co-founded [...]

Geeta, Pinky and Bindu – Compassion Contagion

“We found our inspiration at the learning center where Bindu madam taught us that girls [...]

Social and Health Perspectives of Child Marriage in Rural Mewat, Haryana, India

Child Marriage represents a grave violence against children and deprives them of their right to [...]


Vaccine Impact on Cognition and Schooling (VICS), a pilot study, has been launched recently in [...]


BUDS collaborated with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) USA and has successfully implemented “MedApp 3.0 project: [...]


National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) is a Govt. of India Undertaking under [...]


NIRANTAR is a non-profit organisation working on gender and education over the last two decades. [...]