Assessing and Revitalizing Immunization through Social Engagement (ARISE)

BUDS in partnership with John Hopkins University, (JHU), School of Public Health, USA has implemented a project titled ‘Assessing and Revitalizing Immunization through Social Engagement (ARISE)’ from 1 November 2021.  The Implementation of a multi-pronged approach to improve uptake of routine immunization services impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Haryana.

The proposed activities to strengthen routine immunization services will be undertaken in the Nuh and Tauru blocks of Nuh district (earlier known as Mewat), Haryana. The district has amongst the lowest socio-demographic and economic indicators in India, poor public health infrastructure, and health indices. Estimates from the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5) conducted in 2019-21, suggest that only 53.8% of children under two years of age in Nuh were fully immunized.


To support the recovery of the disruptions to essential medical services offered in Nuh and Tauru blocks of Nuh district of Haryana, with a focus on restoring immunization activities.  The proposed activities will be carried out in ten villages across 2 blocks which are Shikarpur, Kharkhadi, Dhualawat, Pipaka, Patuka villages from the Tauru block); and Salaheri, Firozpur Namak, Chandeni, Salamba, Rehna villages from the Nuh block of Nuh district, Haryana.


  • To track and improve uptake of routine immunization among children and pregnant women in Nuh and Tauru blocks of the Nuh district through mapping, identification, and outreach activities
  • To measure the impact of community mobilization and vaccine knowledge hubs in addressing social barriers to routine immunization

Project Implementation

  1. Vaccine Knowledge Hub Centre
  • Vaccine Knowledge Hub (VKH) and Training Centres have been established in two blocks (Nuh and Tauru in Nuh).
  • The function of the VKH is to initiate knowledge transmission, information dissemination capacity-building, and entertainment education activities focused on Routine Immunization (RI) for pregnant women and children.
  1. Community Members to be involved
  • The VKHs will be leveraged as a platform to engage with community members across the different levels of the Socio-Ecological Model (SEM).
  • All members will be either directly or indirectly engaged with VKH activities, therefore creating an environment of community responsibility and ownership for promoting vaccination as a child right.
  1. Engaging Peer leaders and Youth Champions
  • Two Peer Leaders from the 10 selected villages of Tauru and Nuh Block
  • Will help in health promotional activities
  1. Co-creation workshop for peer leaders
  • To help address the matter during training workshops, who are shy and hesitant and had limited communication skills in spreading awareness among people.
  • Development and preparation of IEC materials, Slogans, and Roleplays


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Community Mobilization


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Bike Rally


“ I look forward to a world free from discrimination and for the opportunity to freely travel across the world”

Aarti is now working as a  volunteer at BUDS. Prior to that she was always scared to even step out her house. However, now joining BUDS, she is learning a lot of about the importance of routine immunization. She is meeting people in several communities, and  helping them overcome vaccine hesitancy by dispelling  myths. She is getting immense satisfaction and fulfillment from working at BUDS

Rizwana is now working as a volunteer at BUDS. She belongs to village Salaheri, Mewat, Haryana. Earlier she used to study from home only, and was very afraid to step out. However, after joining  BUDS, she learned how to connect and interact with new people in the community.  It gives her immense joy to be associated with BUDS and help educate women and spread community awareness to improve acceptance of routine immunization at rural Mewat.



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