About Us

Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS) is a registered, non-profit organization formed with the objective of advancing the education, health, development and welfare of children in India without distinction of caste, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, rural/ urban, physical or mental disability. BUDS was established in 2000, and was registered as an Indian Not for Profit Trust since 2003 (BUDS Registration No. 11686/4 of 2003). BUDS aims to serve the underserved children by preventing diseases, promoting health and providing access to education and vocational training to every child.

BUDS has been working extensively for orphan and vulnerable children, adolescent girls, underprivileged rural communities and slum communities in Delhi NCR including Nuh district in Haryana.

With nearly two decades of dedicated work, BUDS have been able to bring about sustainable changes in the lives of thousands of underprivileged children and communities. This achievement has been made possible due to the innovative, sustainable and value-driven initiatives implemented by the organization across various thematic areas.


Envisions a society where every child is in school and is free from abuse, neglect, child labour and poverty.


  1. Promote every child in school
  2. Prevent disease and provide access to early child health and development, and
  3. Create lasting change by building a healthy community and promote sustainable development

Core Values:

  • Recognizes that every child has basic rights to education, health, nutrition, development and protection
  • Promote equitable access
  • Partners with Government, other NGOs and allied International Organizations
  • Ensures programmatic and fiscal accountability, respects diversity, supports community self-determination
  • Ensures minimal overhead costs
  • Encourages voluntary participation of professionals such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, scientists, child rights and social activists

How Can You Help?

You can make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children by making generous donations or volunteering and sharing your time with them.

All donations to BUDS are exempted U/s 80G (income tax Act 1961): 50% tax exemption.

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