School Health Education

Health Care

Medical Camp's were conducted in two drop in center (DIC) at Nizamuddin railway Station and Red Fort-Mori Gate slum regions, New Delhi. Senior pediatricians including Dr RN Srivastava, Dr Rajeev Seth & Dr Uma Agrawal volunteer their time for these health camps. Health camps are organized every fortnight, as per the needs of the children. Dr Seth is available round the clock to handle emergency calls if any.

Health check up provide basic weight/Height assessment, checks for anemia/nutritional deficiency, acute care/first aid, treatment of common infections such as viral fever, upper respiratory infection, skin infections (pyoderma), diarrhea, pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Sexually transmitted diseases/HIV/AIDS. About 50-60 Children/people from the community benefit from the medical clinic. Medicines are given free of cost. Every child is provided vaccinations free of cost.

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