Resource Center For Gender & Education

BUDS and Nirantar started a Resource Center for Gender and Education. It is a collaborative programme to strengthen and empower adolescent girls, to enable them to live outside their community and their immediate environment. The foci were adolescent girls who are out of school due to various reasons and are living in the urban unorganized colonies near Mori Gate, Old Delhi.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, BUDS initiated a Capacity Building Effort to strengthen the literacy and numeracy skills of these adolescent girls. A library resource center was also developed to provide learning and resource materials for learners and create an environment of learning and sharing. The girls are enrolled for the one year programme. The course involves a lot of interactive activities such as painting, songs, plays, story-telling, heritage walks, educational trips, etc.

Parvaaz Adolescent Centre For Education (Pace)

In the present year 2018-2019, with support from Nirantar, BUDS opened two more Drop in centers(DIC) at Mori Gate & Sarai Kale Khan-Nizamuddin areas respectively. The aim is to provide education and functional life skills to those adolescent girls who were never enrolled or dropped out of school early.

BUDS DIC provides learning opportunities to girls who did not have access to education or those who could not complete basic education due to several reasons. . While working with girls, we realized that learning centre meant different things to different girls. It becomes much more than merely a learning space for them. It brings together girls from different religion, regions, and adverse soci-economic circumstances together in a way, those even early married girls also get a second chance with education. The technical support provided by Nirantar includes, capacity building of teachers, providing curriculum and teaching learning tools, close and regular onsite support to the teachers to strengthen their pedagogical and academic skills. A total of 35 young women contacted last year and 21 enrolled in the program. 18 Young women successfully completed their course and 6 girls Enrolled in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). 3 women interested in learning driving after completing formal education 2 women selected for “KHABAR LAHARIA”, an Media house for internship.

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