Non Formal Education

Non Formal Education is any organized educational activity that takes place outside the formal educational system. Usually it is flexible , learner- centered, contextualized and uses a participatory approach. BUDS has found NFE to be one of the effective approaches to impact lives of our street and working children. These children are usually runaway migrants, who get excluded from mainstream schools or they just dropout from school systems due to socio-economic and family circumstances. BUDS NFE therapy comprises a method of education by play therapy, watching, demonstration & audio visual medium by a trained special educator. In Red Fort DIC , this is the most important services provided by BUDS to street children, vulnerable children who live in high risk slum communities near the railway track & under temporary tarpaulin shelters. The children are mostly found roaming in the neighborhood, picking up rags, plastic bottles, and other trash items. Many children misuse substance such as glue sniffer (uses whitener), other drugs & alcohol.

BUDS teachers have developed several fun and educational game for our NFE students. For example, through a play and game, we have tried to teach the children the importance of using toilets and to learn best practices to use toilets effectively. The knowledge of water and sanitation is very poor amongst the street and working children. Therefore, we conducted a musical toilet game for the children. It’s like musical chair games, where we lay out mats/ printed toilet sheets (one less than the number of children) Music is played, and as soon as the music stops, the children have to sit down each sheet. Those children who get left out have to answer some question like “what should we do when they are in queue for going to toilet? Do you ever go to outside for toilet or do toilet as open defecation? Besides these, the facilitator asks lots of related question and benefits of using toilet for defecation during these games.

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