Improving Access to Healthcare Services

Healthcare access to all reaches of society is low in India, more so in urban slums and poor rural population, where BUDS operates. There is a severe lack of human resources and also poor infrastructure. BUDS health professionals encounter large burdens of disease with in extreme poverty and cultural challenges. Most of the residents in the community belong to very vulnerable and marginalized population. Most of them are either illiterate or have very little education or vocational skills.

Many are migrants and daily wage labourers. They cannot afford to take their children to even local government hospitals or afford medications. Under these circumstances, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and BUDS Mobile health Van collaborate to provide timely health services to the vulnerable population in New Delhi and Nuh, Haryana (NCT).

Dr. Sushil Kumar and Dr. Monika from Delhi Govt. and Dr. Sonu Sharma, Dr. Jyoti Sharma and Dr. Priyanka from Nuh (Mewat), Haryana supports the BUDS team (and a paramedic) for bi-weekly clinical intervention. The supply side is organized by BUDS (purchase of medicines every week, supplemented by Delhi Govt.). BUDS doctors Dr. Rajeev Seth and Dr. Indra Taneja caters to preventive, curative and promotive health needs of the community.

Vitamin A Prophylaxis Program

Deficiency of Vitamin A is the leading cause of preventable child blindness as well as malnutrition; malnutrition is responsible for child immortality.

With the help of Mr. Rick Carlton, President of Seva Child India, BUDS is distributing Vitamin A prophylaxis in our intervention areas such as Mori Gate, Sarai Kale Khan and village Ghasera community areas. Along with our health camps, a total of children are provided vitamin A and essential nutrients to protect children from disease and to save children’s lives.

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All children have a right to healthy happy and fulfilling lives.
Donate money and support charity to keep children safe and free from harm. You can also donate online to support a child.

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