Child Mental Health

BUDS has been working in several villages of Mewat District, Haryana since 2005. One Of the 29 states of India and 644 districts, Mewat is currently ranked the lowest among the backward “Aspirational” districts of India. The National Institution for Transforming India (Niti Aayog), Government of India in its composite ranking covering all five development sectors has placed Mewat at the bottom rank.Mewat district household and facility level data revealed that majority of adolescents suffer from a high level of malnutrition (45%), anemia (70%), and sexual and reproductive health issues.BUDS focuses its community outreach in two blocks of Mewat, namely Nuh and Tauru. These sites demonstrate some of the challenges and successes related to service provision that may be common to under-served and under-privileged areas in the country. BUDS has won the trust and goodwill of the community. The challenges that the interventions teams continue to face are motivating children and adolescents to go to school, reach out to address their general, mental and reproductive health issues and prevention of violence, particularly child marriages, that are rampant in the community.

BUDS Mobile Health Van has been providing timely treatment and health promotion services to the following marginalized village communities : Gandhi Gram Ghasera, Shahpur Nagli, Kurthala, Ujini, Adbar, Chandeni, and Gundbas, , near Nuh, and village Shikarpur, Rehari, Malaka, Buraka, Salaka, Guaraka in Tauru block Mewat, Haryana. Since June 2017, BUDS has provided health services to a total of 8,338 beneficiaries .The BUDS team of qualified doctors and counsellors (supported by the District Administration of Mewat) provides medicines and treatment to all who approach the Van and refers the children to Government health and welfare programs.

The National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC)(A government of India undertaking, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowernment joined hands with BUDS to improve the reach of Mobile health van in the aspirational district of Mewat. NBCFDC and BUDS project was launched July 11, 2018 and Mobile Health August 8, 2018 at DRDA Hall, Nuh, Mewat, Haryanai by Mrs. Geeta Bharti, Director, Backward Class Welfare Corporation, government of Haryana as the Chief Guest. The mobile van launch functions were attended by NBCFDC and BUDS management and staff and other distinguished guests, panchayat leaders, multidisciplinary professionals & community members.

The BUDS field staff has worked very hard with passion and commitment. Within first three months, the mobile health van has reached out to all target areas & communities in Mewat Haryana. BUDS doctors Dr. Rajeev Seth & Dr Indra Taneja have provided both preventive, curative & health promotive needs of the community. The mobile van will run two days (Tuesday & Wednesday). Dr. Govind Saran provides one doctor and paramedics for one day (Tuesday) in a week. BUDS purchases medicine every week.

During the reporting period, the mobile van health care services reached 8328 patients in which 4810 (M- 2436 and F- 2374- children & youth and 3518 (M- 1693 and F- 1825 community members. The doctor has been able to diagnose the main disease of the area. Dr. Rajeev Seth also spent a full day in a week conducting check-ups, providing treatment and Medicines for Upper respiratory infections, Sinusitis,Lower Respiratory Infections, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Malnutrition, Anemia, Pain, Headache, Skin infections, Scabies, Pyoderma, Eye: Conjunctivitis, visual defects, ENT: Ear infection, GIT: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Amoebic infections, Injury & Trauma, Urinary infections, Children with disabilities (secondary to birth asphyxia), Developmental delays, hearing loss, abused and neglected children also accessed Van services, Cases of early marriage, victims of familial violence, those with health problems relating to alcohol abuse were treated by Mobile Health van services. Adding to this, testing for Malaria, Haemoglobin & blood sugar was done by CHC, Nuh. The mobile van covered Tauru, Punhana and Nuh Blocks of Mewat. A total of 17 areas were covered.

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